Your Path:

Every day, as you awaken, you embark on your path in life. Some days embody a walk or stroll while others take on the essence of a sprint or dance. Wherever your path takes you, the quality of getting there in ease is crucial to happiness and overall vibrancy.

2 The Point Acupuncture is skilled in the art and science of natural medicine. Kim is an expert in making sure the path you are traveling is done so in ease and happiness.

2 The Point Acupuncture is a warm and inviting place that can assist you towards optimal health and wellness. Applying the ancient Asian tradition of Seitai Shinpo Acupuncture with modern science, Kim is able to treat not only the ailments that bring you to see us, but also to safeguard your long term health and quality of life, so that your path in life is pain free and easy.


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