Seitai Shinpo Apprenticeship

Silver Certificate Practitioner:

In order for a person to become a certified Seitai Shinpo Acupuncturist, a series of commitments must be met. It begins with attending 11 semesters worth of class. Each 32 hour semester concludes with a practicum test. Alongside attending class each person must also observe in Dr. Maekawa’s clinic for 600 hours. The skills of applying moxabustion, practicing point location, and patient charting are all reinforced during this time on real patients.

Upon completion of these requirements a final practicum exam is conducted whereby Dr. Maekawa judges whether or not the student is ready and able to become a Certified Seitai Shinpo Acupuncturist.


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Kim’s Apprenticeship

back acupunctureGold Certificate Practitioner:

Once a student attains a silver certificate and begins her practice, she or he is then given the opportunity to continue their studies and training in Seitai Shinpo to become a teacher in this specialized field of Acupuncture.

In order to become a certified Instructor of Seitai Shinpo one must continue to attend class, however now in the role of a Graduate Teaching Apprenctice. He or she is responsible for sharing information to the current students about the Seitai Shinpo lineage, history of Japanese Acupuncture, Seitai Shinpo point location, needle insertion, moxabustion application etc. Each Graduate Teaching Apprentice is also responsible for completing 400 case studies to present to Dr. Maekawa as part of their self study.

In order to obtain a Gold Certificate the student must complete all that is asked of her as well as pass a practicum exam observed by both Dr. Maekawa as well as the Seitai Shinpo founder himself, Daiichi Sorimachi.

Currently, Kim Gitzel is one of only two Graduate Student Apprentice’s. She is in her 8th year of studying under Dr. Maekawa. She is actively attending Dr. Maekawa’s class, observing in her clinic and working towards her Gold Certificate.

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